How Much to Rent a Carpet Cleaner: Quick Cost Guide

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of one’s home, renting a carpet cleaner can be a valuable investment. These specialized machines can efficiently remove dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving carpets looking and smelling fresh.

With the numerous options available for renting a carpet cleaner, it’s important to consider the costs. On average, renting one can cost between $20 and $30 per day, depending on the store and model chosen.

Factors such as the size of the carpeted area, the type of cleaner, and the duration of the rental may also impact the overall cost.

Why Rent a Carpet Cleaner

Renting a carpet cleaner can be an efficient and cost-effective way to refresh carpets and rugs in your home. Over time, carpets accumulate dirt, dust, stains, and odors, which can make them look worn and dingy. By renting a carpet cleaner, individuals can achieve professional results without breaking the bank.

One of the main reasons people choose to rent a carpet cleaner is to remove tough stains and odors. These can be caused by spills, pets, or general wear and tear. A rented carpet cleaner can tackle deep-set stains more effectively than most standard vacuum cleaners, while also eliminating any lingering smells.

Another benefit of renting a carpet cleaner is the potential savings compared to hiring a professional service. Professional carpet cleaning can be expensive, especially for larger areas or multiple rooms. By renting a carpet cleaner, individuals can achieve similar results for a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, renting a carpet cleaner allows for greater flexibility in cleaning schedules. Instead of booking an appointment with a professional service and waiting for their availability, individuals can rent a carpet cleaner at their convenience and complete the job when it suits them. This can be particularly useful for those with busy schedules or in preparation for events where clean carpets are important.

Lastly, using a rented carpet cleaner can help extend the life of carpets and rugs by removing accumulated dirt and grime. Regular deep cleaning not only improves the appearance of carpets but also helps maintain their quality and prevent premature wear.

Types of Carpet Cleaners

There are three main types of carpet cleaners, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. In this section, we will discuss the distinctions between upright carpet cleaners, spot cleaners, and compact cleaners, and their suitability for various cleaning tasks.

Upright Carpet Cleaners

Upright carpet cleaners are the most common type of carpet cleaners, offering powerful cleaning capabilities for entire rooms. They often come with multiple attachments for upholstery and hard floor cleaning, making them versatile machines for most households.

These carpet cleaners have strong suction power and often include brush roll systems to deep clean and effectively remove dirt and grime from carpets. Some models even have specific settings for grout cleaning. However, due to their bulkier size, maneuverability can be a challenge in tight spaces.

Spot Cleaners

Spot cleaners are smaller, portable machines designed specifically for spot cleaning and removing stains from carpets and upholstery. They are ideal for targeting spills and spots on furniture, carpets, and other surfaces where a full-sized upright cleaner would not be practical.

These lightweight machines are easy to maneuver and can reach tight spaces more effectively than upright cleaners. However, they may not be ideal for cleaning larger areas due to their smaller size and limited drying power.

Compact Cleaners

Compact carpet cleaners bridge the gap between full-sized upright cleaners and portable spot cleaners. They are designed to be a lightweight option for cleaning smaller rooms or spaces without sacrificing the cleaning capabilities of an upright cleaner.

These machines still offer powerful suction and cleaning features, including brush roll systems and cleaning solutions for carpets and hard floors. Their smaller size and increased maneuverability make them perfect for apartment dwellers or those with limited storage space.

Top Brands and Models

When looking to rent a carpet cleaner, it is essential to consider the top brands and models to ensure a high-quality cleaning experience. This section will highlight two popular carpet cleaning brands, Rug Doctor and Bissell’s Big Green, and their features.

Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor is a well-established brand in the carpet cleaning industry, offering a range of reliable and effective machines for rent. One of their most popular models is the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner (Category #09, Group #901).

This model features:

  • 75% more suction than other rental carpet cleaners
  • A 12-inch wide cleaning path
  • Simple lift clean and dirty water tanks for easy filling and emptying

When renting a Rug Doctor machine, the prices can vary based on the rental duration and location. However, for a 24-hour rental, you can expect to pay around $29.99.

Bissell’s Big Green

Another top brand in the carpet cleaning space is Bissell, with its popular Big Green model. Designed to deliver professional-grade results, the Bissell Big Green is a powerful machine with a range of features to make your carpet cleaning experience efficient and effective.

Key features of the Bissell Big Green include:

  • A large-capacity clean and dirty water tank
  • A 10.5-inch cleaning path
  • Rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes to remove deep-down dirt and stains

Renting a Bissell Big Green typically costs around $29.99 for a 24-hour rental, similar to Rug Doctor. Prices may vary depending on the location and rental duration.

Rental Process

Renting a carpet cleaner is a straightforward process that involves finding a rental location, understanding the pricing and duration, and adhering to the return policy.

Finding a Rental Location

To find a rental location for a carpet cleaner, start by searching online for stores near your zip code. Many local hardware and home improvement stores offer carpet cleaner rentals. Alternatively, some specialized carpet cleaning rental stores also exist. It is also possible to check the websites of popular carpet cleaner brands, as they often have a store locator feature.

Pricing and Duration

The pricing of carpet cleaner rentals may vary depending on the store and the model of the cleaner. Generally, the rental price consists of a base fee and an additional charge based on the rental duration. Rental periods can range from a few hours to several days. Here are some common rental durations and their respective pricing:

  • 4-hour rental: A short-term rental option, which typically costs between $20 and $30.
  • 24-hour rental: A full day rental, with prices ranging from $30 to $50.
  • 48-hour rental: A two-day rental, costing between $40 and $60.

Keep in mind that some stores may require a security deposit or a credit card authorization during the rental process. Additionally, cleaning solution and accessories might incur extra charges.

Return Policy

Returning the carpet cleaner on time is crucial to avoid late fees. Most stores require the equipment to be cleaned and free of debris before return. Additionally, the carpet cleaner should be in the same condition as when it was rented. Failure to comply with these policies might result in extra charges or penalties.

Using a Carpet Cleaner

Using a carpet cleaner is an effective way to provide your carpets with a deep clean, removing dirt and stains that regular vacuuming cannot eliminate. This section will cover the steps to prepare your carpets for cleaning, the cleaning process, and the post-cleaning phase, including drying.

Preparing the Carpet

Before starting the cleaning process, it’s essential to prepare the carpet by following these steps:

  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Move furniture to ensure complete access to the carpeted area.
  • Spot-treat any stubborn stains with a suitable pre-treatment solution.
  • Fill the carpet cleaner’s tanks with fresh water and the recommended cleaning solution.

Cleaning Process

For a successful deep carpet cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the carpet cleaner and begin cleaning by slowly pushing it forward while pressing the trigger to release the cleaning solution.
  • Pull the cleaner back towards you, releasing the trigger to allow the machine to extract the dirty water and solution.
  • Overlap each pass slightly to ensure thorough coverage and avoid leaving visible lines.
  • Repeat the process until the water being extracted is clear, showing that the carpet is clean.
  • Empty the dirty water tank and refill the clean water tank as needed throughout the process.

Drying and Post-Cleaning

Once you’ve finished cleaning, follow these steps to ensure proper drying and post-cleaning maintenance:

  • Do not walk on the carpets while they are still damp to avoid spreading dirt and causing new stains.
  • Increase air circulation and reduce drying time by opening windows and using fans.
  • Replace furniture only when the carpets are completely dry to prevent damage and staining.
  • Vacuum the carpet once more to remove any residual dirt or cleaning solution.

Regular deep carpet cleanings are crucial to maintaining a fresh and healthy environment in your home. By using a carpet cleaner correctly, you can extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking their best.

Alternatives to Renting

If renting a carpet cleaner isn’t the right option for you, there are alternatives that can still help you achieve professional results at an affordable price. Let’s explore a few options:

1. Purchase a home carpet cleaner: Investing in a high-quality carpet cleaner can give you the freedom to clean your carpets whenever needed, without worrying about rental fees and time constraints. While the initial cost may be higher, it can save money in the long run, especially if you have a larger home or frequently need to clean your carpets.

2. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service: If you require exceptional results and an expert touch, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Professionals have extensive experience, access to superior equipment, and highly-effective cleaning solutions. Though more expensive than renting a machine, you will be assured of excellent results.

3. Use store-bought carpet cleaning products: For smaller stains or an occasional touch-up, store-bought carpet cleaning products can be effective and affordable. They are widely available in most supermarkets and usually come with instructions for use. Always test any product on a small, hidden area of your carpet before applying it more broadly.

4. DIY carpet cleaning solutions: Some homeowners prefer homemade cleaning solutions utilizing ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. These natural solutions can be an affordable and eco-friendly option for light carpet cleaning tasks. However, they may not achieve the same level of cleanliness that professional equipment and products can offer.

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