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Kitty, Fido, and all four legged pets are an important asset to our well being. Our pets are part of our family. But, even the smallest pets, can cause a fowl smell and detract from your otherwise lovely home. Loving and loved, pets are part of the joy of life for us and add comfort and happiness to our lives. But there is a price, our pets also create animal odors and unfortunately all too often have "potty" accidents.

Even the best professional carpet and furniture cleaning services have not been able to solve the whole problem. Odor is just one part of this dilemma. Even if the odor is removed, the discoloration of the stains is still an unsightly reminder of the precious pet's past faux pas. And the darling creature usually has a favorite spot or two that repeatedly gets the deposits, truly saturating some areas thus accelerating color loss.  Further, visually identifiable urine stained areas may not reveal the extent of the problem readily. Carpet is better than "Bounty" for soaking up liquids. Gravity does its thing and voila, the 6 inch spot is more likely 12 to 15 inches in diameter under the carpet. So if a technician doesn't treat at least 2 to 3 times the area around the visible spot, then the spot will return and the odor will not be eliminated. Even when treated properly, carpet cleaners get complaints about the discoloration still present. 

These discolorations are "clean stains" and either aren't removed by traditional carpet cleaning, or if removed, they soon return. The problem isn't the odor nor the cleanliness of the spots but rather the discoloration of the area from the pet "accidents" or the chemicals used to try to remove the stain. These chemicals (including Resolve, OxyClean, OxyFresh, Clorox, etc) exhaust color of the carpet during the cleaning process.

We have developed the solutions for both problems - odors and discolorations. We can remove any smells and correct the discolorations on your carpet.
If the odors are not an issue we offer our expert spot dyeing services to restore the missing colors caused by pet stains and other mishaps like bleach. 

Our special odor removal process is not a fragrance nor a mask for odors. Using very safe enzymes to completely eradicate the source of the odors  we then neutralize the area to a balanced pH and recolor the carpet to match the original carpet. Our process is also applicable to eliminate other offensive odors such as infant and toddler accidents, locker room smells, rancid cooking odors, mildew, chemical fumes, medicinal and sick room smells, smoke and other unwanted or unpleasant odors.

As the below chart shows, even a small dog or cat "deposits" over two five-gallon pails of urine per year. Large dogs deposit the equivalent of your hot water heater poured onto the floor! These "deposits" are not only in the carpet, but also the backing, padding and most likely the flooring materials underneath. This is why the odor is so offensive and is so difficult to remove!

Pet Potty Awareness Chart
Under 6 pounds (Cat, Shitsu, etc.)
20 pounds (Terrier etc.)
50+ pounds (Lab, Shepherd, etc.)
Average Urine Deposit
2 oz
4.5 oz
8+ oz
Deposits Per Day
x2 Minimum
x2 Minimum x2 Minimum
Minimum Daily Deposits
4 oz 9 oz 16 oz
Average Days in Month
x30 x30
Ounces Per Month
120 oz (just about a gallon!)
270 oz (more than 2 gallons!) 480 oz (almost 4 gallons!)
Months Per Year
x12 x12
Ounces Per Year
1,440 oz
3,240 oz
5,760 oz
Gallons Per Year:
11 ¼ Gallons Per Year
25 ½ Gallons Per Year More than 40 Gallons Per Year

Our Certified Dye Technicians and Dye Masters are NOT carpet cleaners. Our ONLY business is color restoration and carpet dyeing. But if you have tried to remove stubborn stains like pet urine without success, we will solve the problems of odor and color.

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    For the record, in the above photos, the picture on the left was taken AFTER professional carpet cleaners had cleaned the carpet and attempted to remove the offending pet stains. The picture on the right then shows the results AFTER we performed our "dyeing magic" to remove the stains completely and to restore the original color back into the carpet with our unique color restoration process. No amount of cleaning could have accomplished what we were able to do with this carpet!

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