President and Chief Executive Officer: Connie B. D'Imperio

Connie B. D'Imperio is our President since April 1990. In October 1984 Ms. D'Imperio founded Franchise Profiles, a franchise consulting service. In 1985 she established the Franchise Axis, a professional support network to promote franchising. Ms. D'Imperio has developed franchise intellectual property, marketing plans, and contributed professional services for more than 75 national and international franchise companies. Ms. D'Imperio has more than 25 years career experience in franchising and business development. She has 20 years of executive management in the field of service franchise development, including nine years of research and development of products, equipment and services of our franchise.

Ms. D'Imperio is the author of numerous franchise educational articles, including two books, "Franchising, the Newest $ecurity Blanket" and "Franchising 101", and is a contributing editor to several U.S. and international franchise publications. She recently authored the Electronic Book (CD) "Owning a Franchise Made E-Z", published by E-Z Legal Forms and Made E-Z Products. She has conducted educational seminars, lectures and workshops for franchisors, franchisees, business consultants, business communities, government agencies and legal professionals. Ms. D'Imperio has compiled, contributed to and authored more than 1,000 operations, sales, marketing, business plan and training manuals for various franchises including all of our technical manuals and franchise documents. She also implemented and organized all research, development and marketing procedures of our franchise System. Since May, 1988, she was associated with our franchise. Ms. D'Imperio was appointed as our President and CEO in February 1990, pursuant to a purchase/performance agreement with the original partners. Since April 1990, Ms. D'Imperio owns all shares of Color Your Carpet, Inc.

She has authored and owns all of the Proprietary Property, copyrights, logos, trademarks and formulas of our System. We license the right to use certain items in the U.S. and internationally exclusively to franchisees of our System. Ms. D'Imperio is a Senior Member of the American Association of Textile Colorists & Chemists (AATCC), the Florida Franchise Association (FFA) and the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). There are no other "franchise sellers" of the Color Your Carpet® system except Ms. D'Imperio.

Director of Legal Advice of Franchise: Vincent M. Amberly, Esquire

Mr. Amberly is our attorney and legal advisor. His offices are in Washington, DC. For ten years until November of 1987, Mr. Amberly was employed by the U.S. Government as the senior prosecutor for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the division of Investigation of Fraudulent Practices in Franchising. He represented the Government against alleged franchisor violators of the FTC Rule. In November of 1987, Mr. Amberly became a partner in the Washington, D.C. based law firm of Mason, Fenwick and Lawrence. The firm specializes in litigation and representation of clients in matters of patent, trademark and copyrights. In 1995, Mr Amberly joined the firm of Miles & Stockbridge as a partner. He heads the firm's franchise, trademark and anti-trust department. Mr. Amberly reviews our materials, actions and franchise agreements. He advises us in all legal matters. His expertise in franchise law is one of the greatest assets to us and for our franchisees with special regard to contract fairness.

International Franchise Counsel: Richard C. Duell, III

Mr. Duell is our international franchise advisor. His office is in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the managing partner of Duell, Yearout & Spina. Mr. Duell is the creator and author of "Franchisor Alert" and it's online service to franchisors, "". Mr. Duell is a member of the International Bar Association's Franchising Committee, the American Bar Association and its committees: Franchising Committee, Section of Anti-Trust Law, 1980 through to-date; Forum Committee on Franchising, 1983 through to-date; Subcommittee on Franchising of the Section on Corporation, Banking and Business Laws, Small Business Committee, 1984 through to-date. He is also active in the Birmingham, Alabama Bar Association having served on the following committees: Civil Court Procedure; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Unauthorized Practice of Law; Chamber of Commerce Liaison; and is past chairman of the Arbitration Committee. Mr. Duell has been associated with Ms. D'Imperio since 1985 and with Color Your Carpet, Inc. since 1992. *We also engage Warren Lewis as additional counsel in this area.

Chief Financial Officer, CPA: Peter L. Lafser

Mr. Lafser is our financial advisor. His office is in Jacksonville, Florida. From 1980 to 1994 Mr. Lafser was employed by Ernst & Young, LLP as the Director of the Entrepreneurial Services of Ernst & Young. He now owns his own accountancy firm, CFO Services. His firm specializes in providing unique accounting services to franchisors and franchisees. He has developed a performance measure analysis program and a custom accounting program for our franchisees. He also reviewed and advised Ms. D'Imperio on the accounting portion of our franchisee training program. (Corporate payroll is managed by BoA)

Manufacturing Manager/Chemist/Engineer: Vic Richardson & James La Gesse

Mr. La Gesse was appointed sole manufacturer of all Color Your Carpet® products in March 1990. Mr. La Gesse held degrees in both Chemistry and Marketing. He was in the chemical industry for 25 years with Citgo and U.S. Steel. Since 1985 he was a partner in a private chemical and equipment company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. LaGesse with his partner Mr. Vic Richardson, equipment engineer and designer, provided technical assistance support to all Color Your Carpet® franchisees. Mr. La Gesse passed away in 1993 and Vic Richardson is now the accessory and equipment manufacturer for our franchise System.

Franchisee Advisory Board: Joseph Puglis

Mr. Puglis acted as our franchisee relations adviser in all franchisee technical matters pertaining to our chemistry, franchisee/customer relations and franchisee/franchisor relations. He was granted a Color Your Carpet® franchise in 2008 and maintained the highest level of customer/franchisee relations as an example for all franchisees. Mr Puglis retired from our system in 2011.

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