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as featured on Discovery Channel's -
Monster House
- Episode 29
Soccer House

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MH16a.JPG    MH17a.JPG   MH18a.JPG  MH19a.JPG

MH20a.JPG   MH22a.JPG   MH21a.JPG   MH23a.JPG

MH35a.JPG  MH28a.JPG   MH34a.JPG   MH27a.JPG

            RobertBrian.JPG   Robert (onsite Dye Master) and Brian (show producer) after the job.

The finished Soccer room.     MH34a.JPG

SteveConnie.JPG Steve Watson, (the Monster House host) and
Connie (Dye Master and Franchisor of Color Your Carpet®carpet dyeing systems.    

Note: Robert and Barbara Coleman were the Dye experts on this unique job. Barb is camera shy so no photos of her - yet!  More about this adventure soon. Suffice to say that the Monster House crew, the homeowners and everyone who saw the Soccer carpet were amazed and very impressed with our dyeing services.
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