• THIS IS A REPRINT OF AN ARTICLE THAT WAS WRITTEN ABOUT COLOR YOUR CARPET® a few years ago. *See The Story Behind This Story at the end of this article.
    The Detroit News, Homestyle March 9, 1996

    C O N S U M E R N E W S

    Try dyeing - not dumping -that outdated or faded carpeting
    By Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, Scripps Howard News Service

    Most carpets look like they need replacing after three to nine years, often not because of wear but because of a bad case of the uglies. In many cases, the uglies can be fixed with carpet dyeing. And the good news is that retinting is usually much less expensive than replacing.

    Years ago, dyeing was an idea that was good but the chemicals used were not so good; the end result was not always great. Good news again: Since the demand became great, the product became great, too. Dyeing carpet back to life is now a pretty smart alternative to carpet replacement .

    The fact that the original carpet color can be restored is welcome news in itself, but now there's more that can be done with carpet coloring. If a change in decor is in order because the colors in the house are really outdated, one of the major expenses can be carpet replacement. In most cases, the carpet color can be changed.

    What if it's not the entire carpet that needs attention? Stubborn stains, bleach spots, even discolored traffic lane areas, once once repairable, too. If constant cleaning of one area has lightened that section, dyeing it will work. If there is a problem dark spot, dyeing it will work. If some areas are faded from the sun, guess what - dyeing it will, again, work.

    If purchased from a reliable carpet coloring company, the dye should be quick, easy and safe. Quick? The newly dyed carpet can be walked in less than 60 seconds. As the dyes enter and penetrate the carpet fiber, special chemical bonding agents make the fabric colorfast, stain resistant and new-looking again. Easy? Although it may look easy to the customer, the process is very complex to learn. Safe? All the dye products used are environmentally friendly and nontoxic.

    Almost all carpets are dyeable. All carpet made from wool or nylon or a blend of both are dyeable by this on-site dyeing process. Some other types carpets are dyeable (acrylic, olefin and other sythetic blends) but must be tested before the process is applied. Polyester carpet is not dyeable. Most all Oriental and area rugs, usually made of wool or nylon, are very good candidates for carpet dyeing services.

    If carpet coloring is something that is appealing, be sure to research the companies that offer this service. Carpet cleaners who offer carpet dyeing services are limited to their respective level of training and experience with dyeing products and .processes. Those whose major business is carpet cleaning might not have the knowledge or the resources to really do the job right. Best bet is to go with a company that specializes only in carpet coloring.

    Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, is president of Rosemary Sadez Friedmann Inc. in Naples, Fla.

    The Story Behind This Story

    Rosemary Sadez Friedmann is also a professional columnist, her first article about Color Your Carpet® didn't specifically name Color Your Carpet® in the Naples Florida Newspaper. She had found the information on the internet while researching material for her column.

    She must have assumed that we had hundreds of franchisees, because at that time our website gave no indication of the size of our company or the number of locations operating, and thought this would be great as a consumer news item. Since she hadn't heard of carpet dyeing, she thought that this "new" service would be an interesting reading piece for property owners who might be receptive to alternative decorating ideas. Especially since carpet replacement is a very costly part of redecorating.

    Very soon after the first article was published, she contacted us and asked about our locations and if she could provide the callers with our 800 number. We received many requests for our carpet dyeing services in every city that a version of the article appeared the respective local paper.

    This particular article above ran in the Detroit News and similar edited versions were published in several dozen other newspapers that are on the Scripps-Howard newswire service. While we are opening in selected new markets each year, we currently only operate in sixteen states in the U.S. We also have franchises in Canada, South America, Switzerland and soon to be in many European and Asian countries.

    Many of the people who called Ms. Friedman for our dyeing services were from out-of-state and very disappointed in cases that we did not have a franchisee in their state. In fact, we didn't have a technician to provide our services in the Naples area, at that time. After receiving dozens of calls about our process from interested Naples citizens, she called our headquarters to ask if we could send one of our dye teams to Naples to provide our exclusive services for her clients and others who had inquired about carpet dyeing after reading her article.

    We soon arranged for our West Palm Beach franchisee, Boyd Banks, to accommodate every request in Florida in addition to taking good care of their own area customers. Boyd went beyond the call of duty (and the obligations of his franchise contract) to provide the quality of the Color Your Carpet® service, even though it required 3 to 4 hours drive each way.

    After many reports from Ms. Friedmann's clients, about their extreme satisfaction with our service, this esteemed Interior Designer & Journalist joined our ever growing list of happy customers. In the Spring of 1997, Ms. Friedmann engaged our technicians to dye her carpet to a brand new color and continues to refer clients to our company for carpet dyeing services.

    As of this date, December 2000 we are interviewing potential franchisees for several areas in Florida, who have expressed an interest in becoming a part of our team and will manage, market and provide our service to the respective commercial and residential property owners in their designated territories as well as throughout Florida.

    Franchisees in our system are an unusual cross section of entrepreneurs. Boyd was a commercial rail engineer, Other franchisee backgrounds include a psychiatric nurse, computer webmaster, an environmental scientist, a PhD computer professor, a gemologist, retired military officers, a commercial artist, an accountant, a financial planner, a commodity futures stock broker, a structural engineer, a commercial property investor, construction site manager, a housewife, a dental technician, an international linguist, and executives from companies like Nabisco, Dupont, K-Mart, and other notable corporate America institutions. None can be classified as the traditional "Mom & Pop" teams. All are highly motivated, well educated, meticulous lifelong students of perfection, dedicated to giving and being the best at whatever they do.

    Although carpet dyeing has been in existence for more than three decades, until the Color Your Carpet® system, the whole industry was confined to being a "sideline" of carpet cleaners and other blue collar maintenance companies. As such, progress and advancements were minimal. The artistic and scientific skills required to successfully master onsite carpet dyeing could not be achieved by carpet cleaners and janitorial workers.

    With the advent of the Color Your Carpet® franchise system, as the franchisor, I made the decision to reject the traditional route of recruiting carpet cleaners and the like as potential franchisees. Intense research ensued and relying on my 20 plus years of franchise development, I choose to target displaced executives, bored managers or disenchanted professionals as my franchisee team.

    It's really very simple to describe what I look for in the ideal franchisee: I want people who want and need a daily challenge, who can think on an academic level, who are not intimidated nor mesmerized by affluent homeowners and high profile commercial property owners. People who at the same time can communicate and provide services to property owners from all levels of economic status. People with a high sense of perfection but who are also tempered with reality. People who demand the highest degree of quality not only for themselves but also from themselves. People who appreciate great service and need instant recognition from a job well done. People who prefer to work smarter not harder and truly enjoy achieving an expert status. People who recognize the value of a disciplined franchise system and are willing to take take the risk to succeed and fully expect to receive the reward commensurate with their efforts. People who care about God, family, their community and their reputation. I suppose you could say that I want perfection too.

    The proprietary dyes and the truly unique methodology, combined with the intense ongoing research and my decision to be highly selective in the granting of franchises has slowly but surely created a strong foundation for the franchise system. My goal is to raise the standards and the public's recognition of this invaluable service. Carpet dyeing as an industry can only achieve this level of consumer awareness if every single job is exactly what the customer was promised and every person providing the service is a qualified specialist.

    The article by Ms. Friedmann was a blessing and a curse. While we were grateful for the response and the business as a result of it, the extra effort required of distant franchisees was a bit of a burden for them. The satisfied customers naturally cultivated more requests.

    The additional articles have created a keen interest in our service, and we expect to remedy the Florida markets with suitable franchisees for most of those areas this year. As far as the rest of the country, and the world for that matter, It's very hard to tell prospective clients that you can't help them because you don't have an operating office yet, even in their state. This unsolicited publicity is pushing us to actively seek franchisees ahead of schedule. However, I suppose it would be much worse though if we had many more franchisees and no demand for our service.

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