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September 2003

Floor Covering : Carpet Color Choices

Ugly carpet? Most hotel owners experience this unavoidable floor covering problem much sooner than expected. When more cleaning isn't the answer and new carpet isn't possible to put into the budget anytime soon, there is finally an option. Hotel owners have found an alternative to premature carpet replacement and spending unexpected high dollar amounts well before they are ready.

The solution? On-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services. The hospitality industry has a tremendous need for this unique service, but skepticism abounds about the viability of saving their carpets and rugs from the dumpster or facing premature costs of carpet replacement by using on-site carpet dyeing services. In the past, property managers who attempted to delegate this seemingly compatible task to their local carpet cleaner, were disappointed to find that the carpet cleaners delivered poor results to marginal success at best. So the appeal of carpet dyeing was dismissed as a possible option to replacing carpet. Of the more than 100,000 USA carpet cleaning companies only a few offer any type of carpet dyeing services, usually limited to spot dyeing.

The franchisor of the Florida based system, Connie D'Imperio, says her goal is to enlighten every carpet owner to the benefits of "dyeing instead of buying".

"Ninety percent of all carpets can be dyed by our process. Carpet always 'uglies' out long before it wears out. Saving money is one benefit, always solving the discoloration problem at a cost of least a 50% less price than buying new carpet, often up to 80% less," says D'Imperio

Property downtime is dramatically reduced by dyeing, with almost no disruption or inconvenience to guests and staff. Carpet is back in service in less than an a minute after application and no special care is needed when regular cleanings are later performed.

The environmental value is keeping carpet waste out of our precious landfill space. All safe, odorless and eco-friendly products are used. Not only can stubborn stains, spots and traffic lanes be color corrected to perfection, but entire carpeted rooms and common areas can be fully restored to like-new life and appearance of the original carpet color.

For renovations and updating décor, complete color changes, patterns and designs are a budget friendly option. With millions of custom color choices, whether wall-to-wall, area rugs, solid color or pattern, the carpet can be restored or color changed.

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