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Franchisee Locations are open & operating in the following locations: *Click on a link to go to a franchisee's web page. Then call or contact the Franchisee in your area using the Contact Us Form. 

Note:Many of the states that are NOT listed are served by our teams of traveling Dye Masters. If your community is NOT listed, please submit a request for service availability in your area. We have teams of Dye Masters who travel to all areas of the USA and Canada. There is no travel fee as long as you are patient and have the work done on our scheduled route. Request for Service Form

USA- Serving 48 states from regional state locations:

Corporate Offices:
Color Your Carpet® (Corporate Center) Orange Park 800-321-6567
Color Your Carpet® (Consumer Center) Jacksonville 800-321-6567
Color Your Carpet® (Franchise Training Center) Jacksonville   800-321-6567

Florida: Areas Served: Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach,Tampa, Ft. Myers, Naples, Miami, Ft Lauderdale
Color Your Carpet® Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, West Palm Beach (Rich Randall) 386-479-6657
Color Your Carpet® Orange Park, Jacksonville, Destin 904-997-9533
Color Your Carpet® (Brandon D'Imperio) Internet & Communications Technology, Jacksonville 800-441-2551

Alabama Areas Served: Birmingham
Color Your Carpet®  800-441-2551  

Arizona Areas Served: Phoenix, Tuscon
Color Your Carpet®  800-441-2551 

California  Areas Served: Northern California
Color Your Carpet® OR    800-441-2551

California  Areas Served: Southern California: Hollywood, LA suburbs
Color Your Carpet® Hollywood, CA  800-441-2551   

Colorado Areas Served: Ft. Collins, Denver
Color Your Carpet® Denver  800-321-6567  

Connecticut Areas Served: Statewide
Color Your Carpet® Windsor Locks  800-321-6567

Delaware Areas Served: Statewide
Color Your Carpet®  800-321-6567

Georgia  Areas Served: Atlanta
Color Your Carpet®  800-441-2551

Iowa Areas Served: Des Moines
Color Your Carpet® Des Moines 800-321-6567

Illinois Areas Served: Chicago
Color Your Carpet®  800-441-2551  

Kansas  Areas Served: Kansas City & Western Missouri
Color Your Carpet®   806-319-4372  

Maryland Areas Served: Baltimore, Laurel, Clarksville, Columbia
Color Your Carpet® 800-441-2551 

Massachusetts Areas Served: Cambridge, Boston
Color Your Carpet®Cambridge

Michigan Areas Served: Bay City, Saginaw, Detroit
Color Your Carpet® Bay City  800-441-2551

Minnesota Areas Served: Minneapolis, St Paul
Color Your Carpet® St. Paul  806-319-4372       

Missouri Areas Served St. Louis,
Color Your Carpet® St. Louis  806-319-4372       

Nevada Areas Served: Las Vegas, Southern California
Color Your Carpet® Las Vegas   541-508-8666

New York Areas Served: Rochester, Western State
Color Your Carpet®  (800)441-2551

Ohio Areas Served - all OH
Color Your Carpet® Dayton, OH    800-441-2551  

Oklahoma Areas Served: Tulsa, Oklahoma City,
Color Your Carpet® Oklahoma City, OK   806-319-4372

Oregon Areas Served Bend, Portland, Oregon, Washington State
Color Your Carpet® OR    541-508-8666 

Pennsylvania Areas Served: Philadelphia
Color Your Carpet® Philadelphia, PA  215-254-5474      

Tennessee Areas Served: Memphis
Color Your Carpet® Memphis, TN  806-319-4372

Texas Areas Served: Houston, Dallas
Color Your Carpet® TX  806-319-4372  

Utah  Areas Served: Salt Lake City
Color Your Carpet® UT  (541)508-8666 

Virginia & Washington, DC Areas Served: from Baltimore
Color Your Carpet® Baltimore, MD  410-720-9774

Washington  Areas Served Seattle, Washington State
Color Your Carpet® OR    800-441-2551 

Canada Areas Served: Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Tamworth, Ottawa, Calgary

Color Your Carpet® Edmonton, Alberta 904-997-9533

Color Your Carpet® British Columbia

Color Your Carpet® Ontario

Color Your Carpet® Ottawa, Ontario

Middle East

Dubai Areas Served: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Color Your Carpet® (Samir Hammoud) Dubai +971.4.8849497  

Pacific Rim

Australia Areas Served: Queensland, Gold Coast
Color Your Carpet® Brisbane  

New Zealand Areas Served: Christchurch
Color Your Carpet® Regional Franchisee) Auckland  

South America (Se Habla Español)

Venezuela Areas Served: Caracas
Color Your Carpet® (Winston Garcia Salas-Regional Franchisee) Caracas, Venezuela   en Español  58-2-575-4325

Colombia Areas Served: Bogota
Color Your Carpet® (Ivonne De Bedout-Regional Franchisee) Bogota, Colombia 57-1-672-0653


Ireland Areas Served: Dublin
Color Your Carpet® (Regional Franchisee) Waterford    

England Areas Served: London
Color Your Carpet® Regional Franchisee London    

Switzerland (Nous Parlons Français)En français Areas Served: Western Europe
Color Your Carpet® Regional Franchisee Switzerland En français

If your community is NOT listed, please submit a request for service availability in your area. We have teams of Dye Masters who travel to all areas of the USA and Canada.
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