Owning A Color Your Carpet® Franchise: 7 Steps to Success

Initial Contact:
                                        Receive Info From Our Web Site or Via Other Means 
Objective : Learn about franchising, franchises and specifically our unique services and our franchise opportunity
Before Your 1st Interview:
                                        Read www.carpetdyeing.com Website Thoroughly
                                        Read www.colorcarpet.com Website Thoroughly
                                        Read www.carpet411.com Website Thoroughly
                                        Read www.franchise411.com Website Thoroughly
                                        Prepare Initial Questions About Franchise
                                        Call to Schedule 1st Interview
                                        Contact Color Your Carpet® Franchisor with any questions.
Objective : Determine Your Interest in Proceeding
1st Interview with Franchisor:
                                Discuss Initial Questions About Franchise
                                        Review Your Business & Financial Goals
                                        Fill Out Confidential Franchise Questionnaire (ZQ)
                                        E-mail, Fax or Mail ZQ to our office
Objective : Determine Your Qualifications & Our Mutual Interest in Proceeding

2nd Interview with Franchisor:
                                        Private Link Provided to UFOC online
                                        Read/Print Out UFOC Online
                                        Sign & Return Acknowledgement of UFOC Receipt
                                        Receive Exhibit A & B (Franchise Agreement & CYC Financials)
Objective : Develop Comprehensive Understanding of Offering & Obligations
Due Diligence Tasks:
                                        Determine Your Own Business & Financial Capabilities
                                        Interview With Several Franchisees
                                        Locate & Evaluate Competition if Any
                                        Interview Carpet Stores & Carpet Cleaners
                                        Obtain Professional Legal & Finance Advice
Objective : Verify Viability & Marketability
3rd Interview with Franchisor:  
                                        Confirm Availability/Choice of Desired Territory
                                        Discuss Potential Territory Expansion Plan
                                        Accept or Reject Territory Offer
Objective : Franchisor Initial Decision to Sell Franchise

Final Interview with Franchisor: Investigate & Observe Color Your Carpet® System & Process
                                        Visit to Color Your Carpet® International Headquarters
                                        Visit to Color Your Carpet® Franchisee Location
Objective : Make Final Decision to Purchase Franchise

Implement Franchise:  
Approve Territory
Execute Franchise Agreement
Sign Territory Agreement
Pay Franchise Fee
Pay Equipment & Inventory Fee
Schedule Training Class
Receive Manuals
Reserve Business Telephone Number
Secure Close Out Date for Yellow Pages
Locate Van & Set Up Van Financing
Implement Franchisee Initial Set Up Agenda  Business Plan

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