CYChiRez.gif Carpet Dyeing Market Potential

Carpet Dyeing versus Carpet Replacement

Annual total carpet waste to the landfill per year=    800 million sq yds
90% existing total carpet waste=    720 million sq yds
Less 30% commercial carpet waste=  <240 million sq yds>
Residential carpet waste that could be
re-dyed on-site by Color Your Carpet®=
   480 million sq yds
480 million sq yds carpet waste 
x 5 lbs average weight per sq yd carpet
  2.4 BILLION pounds of carpet waste can be 
  saved from landfills in residential carpet alone!

Current efforts by recyclers/reclamation companies only penetrate about 5% of the total annual existing carpet waste. However, Color Your Carpet® franchisees have the potential to save 2.4 BILLION pounds of carpet waste from being dumped into our landfills in residential carpet alone! More than half of the total carpet waste could  be kept out of landfills each year by the Color Your Carpet® dyeing process!

Our services provide a very cost effective alternative to buying new carpet. We are saving property owners millions of dollars each year.

Average Cost/Saving per Home Owner (RESIDENTIAL CARPET ONLY)

Average sq yds carpet per home=      150 sq yds per home
Average cost per sq yd residential carpet=  x   $21 per sq yd
Average new carpet cost per home=  $3,150 for replacement carpet
Restore color per sq ft=$0.70 (per sq yd=$6.30)
Only with the Color Your Carpet® dyeing process!
     $945 per home for color restoration
    That's 70% less than new carpet cost!
     Each home owner saves $2,305 


Hypothetical Market Penetration
1% Market penetration calculated at an average $.70 per sq ft for services
100,000 =total population (Single Franchise Territory)

      33,333 =homes (3 people/home average)
    <- 3,333> =10% no carpet, poor
1% market penetration Now cut penetration in half!!!
      30,000 =potential residential carpet jobs 1,350 avg carpet/home in sq ft 1,350 avg carpet/home in sq ft
        x 150 =avg sq yds per home
4,500,000 =total sq yds carpet potential
 x 0.70 avg price per sq ft
              to restore color 
 x 0.70 avg price per sq ft
              to restore color
          x 1% =penetration (jobs secured) $945 per job (6-8 hrs) $945 per job (6-8 hrs)
      45,000 =total sq yds (300 jobs secured) x300 jobs per yr (6 per week) x150 jobs per yr (3 per week)
$283,500=total sales/yr $141,750=total sales/yr

Since very few home owners even know that their carpet can be dyed, creating consumer awareness in your market presents a great challenge the first year. The above statistics are based on the existing residential market only. Our business is derived from the commercial market as well. Reaching even a fraction of a 1% market penetration requires intense marketing efforts on your part. The Color Your Carpet® training program includes a comprehensive sales and marketing course.

While we provide proven marketing strategies and sales tools to assist you in building your business, the real key to reaching your goals depends on your ability to follow our system.

Owning a Color Your Carpet® franchise can be as much as you want it to be, the market is certainly there. To achieve the greatest potential in any business you must know your product, provide the very best service and dedicate yourself to total customer care. We invite potential franchisees to contact or visit our existing franchisees for details from their personal perspectives.

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