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The light blue carpet piece in the center of the photo is the original color. The original is surrounded by just a few dozen of the millions of color change possibilities with our process.

These photos, even on the best monitors and computers, do not do justice to the actual results when seen in person. Send us a sample of your carpet and we will provide actual samples of some color samples to you. But remember, only Color Your Carpet® can prove these claims.

CARPET DYE SAMPLES: Ugly pink to Robin's Egg Blue!
Change the color of your carpet to a brand new color. In this case we changed the carpet from discolored, stained and faded light rose/pink color to a medium "jaybird blue". Choose from more than 16 million custom colors. A characteristic of new carpet is that when brushed or vacuumed in one direction the light makes the carpet appear one color and when brushed in the opposite direction it appears to be a different shade of the same color. In the "before" photo, very little shading is seen, making the carpet look old and "ugly". However, the triangular shapes in the "after" photo shows the "like new" shading in the carpet after our process.

Sometimes new carpet isn't the best solution to ugly, faded or worn looking carpet.

Choose from more than 16 million custom colors. Further, with our exclusive on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services there are even more benefits! There are no removal fees, no discard fees, no installation fees and far less downtime of your revenue producing property. Carpets can be walked on and treated areas back in service right away. Visit our Commercial Carpet website for more details.

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