Fact: So much is absent or non-existent with regard to the true picture of carpet "recycling". To those who do not know and those who think they "know-it-all" but obviously do not! The efforts of the carpet industry to ride this environment trend for self gain and new revenue streams is legitimate but hardly the whole picture.

Carpet as the best floor covering overall will survive through at least the next millennium. Doesn't anyone actually do the math on this subject? Our segment (on-site carpet dyeing) of this far reaching industry is microscopic compared to carpet mills. Yet we have saved millions of tons of carpet from landfills.

Discarding carpet prematurely is 99% avoidable. The real expense of the existing options labeled "recycling" is understated and even misleading. Reducing landfill a bit whilst incurring nearly the same cost on the client as new carpet only slightly trumps not living up to "wear" warranties. The net result is the true functional life cycle of the carpet when purchased does not meet the promises made.

Of course the carpet isn't "worn" out. Yet the buyer bears the blame for unsightly appearance and assumes new carpet must be bought. Enter the "recyclers". More promises to revive the carpet at less cost than new to keep the carpet "useful" for a few more years. And oh yes it helps our environment . . .

However if the facility managers, architects, designers, and manufacturers would take an in-depth look at pre-cycling (on-site carpet dyeing) they would discover an amazing cost-effective, convenient and safe solution. Then they would be compelled to evaluate on-site carpet dyeing as an intelligent alternative.

Get the facts before you nay-say or dismiss carpet dyeing for your facility's recycling and greening efforts. From small spot dyeing to entire building color changes or color restoration - it's all possible. And a great way to save money, reduce downtime, extend useful life and beautify your property at a fraction of the costs of carpet replacement OR other recycling options.

Fact: Consumer service to commercial and residential property owners is our primary business mandate with focus on environmental friendly alternatives to premature and unnecessary carpet disposal.

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