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Billions of pounds of carpet doesn't have to become waste and get dumped into our landfills. Only if the carpet is not functionally intact (threadbare in large areas, or torn in many places or burnt in large areas) is buying new carpet the only solution.

In most cases carpet doesn't wear out. It just "uglies-out". The only other reasons that carpet is ever replaced are:

  •     1.   Discoloration (stains, fading, traffic patterns and matting) Repeated cleaning doesn't help. Even the best carpet cleaning doesn't remove stubborn stains, the stains return, fading or bleach stains can't be helped at all, traffic patterns and matting get worse. New carpet seems to be the only solution.

  •     2.   Wrong color (outdated, incompatible with other decor, personally not desirable) - New carpet seems to be the only solution.

  • ProCycle Timeline

    Color Your Carpet begins compiling all statistical data on carpet life cycles and of carpet waste and recycling options. Based on the existing product, service and customer records during our pioneer stage (1976-1988) of the acquired technology, we create pur business plan to bring our services to market worldwide. Our team conducts market research and analysis on consumer awareness of carpet selection processes, carpet industry advertising claims, warranties, replacement factors and waste options. We explore existing carpet technology and document the lack of accurate, timely and informative literature on all fronts. We initiate an in field study of available carpet maintenance and consumer satisfaction. We analyze the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of existing carpet recyling programs and methodologies. Four key markets are selected and prototypes begin field testing of our proprietary dyes.

    Color Your Carpet teams with other environmentally conscious scientists, chemists and organizations to initiate the ProCycle pilot program. We join the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.

    We identify the failure of existing recycling and reclamation programs to reach and educate the masses to the extreme importance of the magnitude of carpet waste still being dumped in our landfills. Existing programs and methods incur very high costs of energy, distribution channels and implementation to achieve some marginal savings to consumers and some decrease in necessary landfill space for discarded carpet. These methods still increase downtime of property and necessary time to comply with regulations. Potential demand for our services is evaluated. Carpet accounts for more than 80% of the total indoor floor covering in the USA. Of that total, more than 90% of the existing carpet is found to be nylon, wool, acrylic, olefin or a blend of one or more of these fibers.

    The existing on-site carpet dyeing systems are evaluated. Very poor to marginal satisfaction are the reported normal results. Profile of operators and training programs reveal the problems. The field of on-site carpet dyeing has been provided thus far by another segment of the carpet industry, namely carpet cleaning companies. The available training programs at best provide a three day carpet dyeing and color course. Products used consist primarily of powder dye containing high volumes of sodium sulfates or other heavy salts.

    We develop the proper profiling of technicians and the comprehensive training courses for our technicians and national launch. to meet the standards and demands of carpet owners. Our proprietary process to restore, re-dye and change existing carpet color on-site for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional property owners is initiated in several test markets. Today, these same consumers continue to enjoy their carpet for many years more than expected due directly to our on-site dyeing process.

    Color Your Carpet® completes the first edition of our Operations and Technical Training Manuals. We implement our franchise system. The first three franchises are awarded.

    All components of our methodology are tested, critiqued and further developed daily for the next 4 years in every market opened. Ten more markets are opened by franchisees. On a daily basis, on-site technicians test virtually every type of carpet is for compatibility with our process. Results confirm that more than 90% of all existing carpet that is headed for the landfills can be successfully treated, color restored and re-dyed with our process.

    Color Your Carpet® formally implements EcoCycle throughout its franchise system. Franchisees report millions of dollars saved annually from our efforts to prevent premature and unnecessary carpet replacement. Lack of consumer awareness and skepticism surfaces as the only obstacles to accelerated growth and consumer demand. Research reveals that once a consumer is aware of our services and the convenient, eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to buying new carpet, demand escalates nationwide. Our research team develops ProCycle, our environmental education program for commercial and residential carpet owners.

    Formal Launch of ProCycle Program is introduced via our website creating national and worldwide demand for our unique services.

    2001-2016 Millions of yards of carpet are color restored or changed by our exclusive services keeping millions of tons of carpet out of our precious landfill space and saving millions of dollars for residential and commercial property owners as the best alternative to carpet replacement.

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