Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Carpet Replacement

Dyeing For Our Environment

Each year billions of pounds of carpet are discarded into our precious landfill space. Much of that carpet is ripped out of homes and businesses needlessly. Carpet is still the best buy for the money in floor covering today. Along with the diversity of color, texture and fiber content selection, carpet can't be surpassed as the best choice in floor covering for almost any indoor building purpose. Carpet also has the best safety value of all floor coverings for creature comfort, acoustics, accidental falls and climate control. But carpet, when discarded, winds up in our landfills.

Now there is a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly way to help save our environment with the Color Your Carpet® on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Carpet waste in landfills can be greatly reduced with minimal effort on the part of the consumer. Simply put, all you need is a little education to the facts.

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