Our Only Competition is New Carpet!

Our marketing strategy is based on educational sales, not highly competitive selling. Our only possible competition is new carpet - which costs 300% to 800% more than our services for the same end result. Consumer awareness is only an obstacle until the potential client is educated with accurate, current and timely facts about their carpet problems and our options.

We provide an on-site evaluation without obligation for every client. Then we submit a formal proposal. We do NOT bid on jobs! We do not compete with any other company's price because "they" do not compete with our quality. We will not take a project in which we cannot meet or exceed the client's expectations as well as our own.

Our service proposal will specify every detail of the project. We provide all recommendations and guarantees in writing. Our track record is flawless to date. We also offer to perform an on-site demonstration for the property owner or decision maker. In this manner, all clients are afforded a complete understanding of the project and the ability to make a well informed decision. The result of our "soft-sell/show-me" approach results in advanced customer "peace of mind", which is an important part of our service. For us, this aspect of our service is what cultivates unsolicited referrals. Our reputation for quality and success are our greatest asset and produce the lion's share of our revenue stream.

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