Our initial surveys indicated that consumers were unaware of some very basic facts about carpet. In fact, we found that most carpet owners pay very little attention to this costly floor covering investment and seldom conduct any real investigation or cost/benefit evaluation of carpet before their purchases.

Next we compiled a list of all sources of academic, economic and practical data by which we could educate ourselves to all existing carpet facts. As a result of the complex, often contradictory information, we then contacted and interviewed many carpet industry "authorities" to obtain answers to our questions.

We were shocked to discover how very little is known by consumers, property owners, property managers, insurance adjusters and even carpet industry professionals about the carpet industry. Worse, the reliable academic information is never translated properly into comprehensible consumer information. The available data is either written in a highly technical format that requires a specialized engineering degree for interpretation or it is so general and primitive that critical details are blatantly absent.

We were amazed that this information deficit included the very sophisticated property owners and managers who are usually the decision makers for the selection, purchase, care and maintenance of the carpet. Further, we found that what is published and available to the consumer (residential or commercial) is almost always inadequate, incorrect or misleading.

Since we had to create and compile the most (and to our knowledge the only) accurate carpet dyeing franchise training and operations manuals, we had to be certain that we could provide the franchisees and their technicians with the indisputable best information in the industry. We had to know as much, as the carpet mills, the carpet retailers, and the carpet cleaners (including those who claimed to be carpet dyers). This task took more than five years to complete the first reliable edition.

The following information will provide you with some valuable insight, from our perspective of course. It will also act as an educational tool with regard to your "Need To Know" carpet information.

Carpet Life and Look Basics

The fact is that carpets don't wear out, they just "UGLY-OUT". Nylon carpet is almost impervious to wear. Read the warranty, it usually has coverage for at least 15 to 20 years! Yet, every year 70% of the carpet sold (more than 900 million square yards of carpet) is bought by consumers for reasons other than wear! All of those reasons can be reduced to one word - COLOR. Whether the carpet is the wrong color, an unwanted color or discoloration, the problem is still COLOR! And, color isn't covered by the warranty. For example:
Problem #1: Traffic Lanes

But, even after the damaging processes have been applied and left to attract more dirt that causes discoloration and matting, this problem is almost always correctable. Believe it or not, this is a simple problem to correct if the carpet owner is educated to the proper cleaning techniques and the type of chemicals to avoid. Buying new carpet isn't the only solution and usually isn't necessary.

Problem #2: Faded Areas or combined discoloration (stubborn stains, spots, fading):

A broad range of chemicals and other factors can cause color loss on carpet. Bleach is not the only culprit. Although the chemicals are different from household bleach, most acne medications, some cosmetics, hair treatments and other medications contain a form of a bleaching agent. Many common cleaning products, including many popular carpet cleaning products, scented home deodorizing products, pesticides, pool and spa chemicals, some perfumes, aerosol sprays, laundry detergents contain bleaching agents and many other chemicals cause unwanted color loss, fading or discoloration.

Fading can be caused by sun exposure as well as by artificial lighting. Animal secretions, water damage, certain organic and synthetic chemicals in some foods and beverages also can cause fading. Heating and air conditioning chemicals can cause ozone faded areas. There are even some microscopic mites in the air that "eat" dyes found in carpet fiber.

This is when the consumer is led to believe that there are only 3 options if carpet becomes faded :
1. Live with it (or maybe hide it under furniture or a small rug)
2. Patch the area (ask anyone who has ever done this, it doesn't work!)
3. Replace the whole room of carpet (expensive and unnecessary)

A faded area or bleached spot cannot be removed by any type of carpet cleaning. No matter how much or how well the carpet is cleaned, a faded spot or faded area will remain faded unless an expert carpet dyeing technician is able to match and restore the color properly. The real solution is spot dyeing for smaller areas and color restoration for larger areas.

On stubborn stains such as Kool-Aid, wine, mustard, pet stains or inks the problem is two-fold. First the offending color must be removed which often removes all or most of the original carpet color. Many products, whether a consumer or commercial cleaning product, creates a far worse problem when used to remove stains because they can chemically "burn" or destroy carpet fibers in the process. More importantly, certain stains require very specific treatments to properly remove the stain. Using the wrong type of chemical can permanently "set" the stain or as stated above can destroy the fibers. Fortunately, Color Your Carpet® can really properly correct the chemistry and restore the area "if" we are called before anyone else attempts to fix it.

Problem #3: Ugly carpet color, wrong carpet color or outdated color:

Sometimes decorating or redecorating is limited by the existing carpet color. Interior designers, architects and property managers are confronted with the fashion changes of color that affect the overall property appearance.

Real estate agents frequently report the difficulty and even rejection of a sale if the carpet is the wrong color or the carpet "looks old or worn". Especially if the carpet is fairly young (less than ten years), it is hard to justify the expense of buying replacement carpet, not to mention the hassle of installation.

Then of course, there is the waste of tearing out and discarding carpet that is in perfectly good condition, not to mention the tons of waste from carpet that is dumped into our landfills unnecessarily. This problem exists simply because people do not know about the carpet dyeing or color restoration services that we provide.

Carpet Retailers and Mills

Even the best brand new carpet can have "color streaks or variances" that detract from the carpet beauty and overall appearance. These color defects are usually not covered by any warranty. These problems are only visible after the carpet is installed. A few carpet retailers will replace the carpet after extreme customer complaining. Some will even offer a small discount to compensate if the consumer agrees to keep it. Sadly, most carpet retailers will insist that "nothing can be done" and that this type of variance is "normal".

All existing standards of the carpet industry, from the mill to the carpet retailer to the carpet cleaner to the end customer, have been altered downward. Progressively lowered expectations and performance measures have created a substandard carpet product and service industry.

The normal way to raise the standards of any industry is to provide education and competition. Usually market forces cause the leaders in an industry to increase quality, reduce prices and set higher standards. But, in the carpet industry, there exists a handful of well seated manufacturers who control the 95% of the carpet market from one state. Although the power within that group shifts slightly from year to year, it never gets lets go of the control of the entire industry.

We have actually been told by more than one of the CEOs of these companies that they do not intend or want carpet to last for even half of the stated warranty time. They know that the small print protects them. They also count on the academic and economic deficiency of the carpet maintenance industry.

Carpet Chemical Companies & Carpet Equipment Companies

Adding to the consumer's vulnerability are the carpet industry sales tactics and the economic power of the carpet chemical and carpet cleaning equipment companies to control the disbursement of information. Of course, carpet retailers and manufacturers do not recommend carpet dyeing services. Either they have no experience with or confidence in expert on-site carpet dyeing services or they have no intention of endorsing a "seeming" competitor even if they do know about the benefits of expert on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

Unless a carpet cleaner claims to offer carpet dyeing services, he also doesn't recommend carpet dyeing. If he does offer carpet dyeing it is almost always a "bait and switch" tactic to get the carpet cleaning job. I know how arrogant this must sound, but in every case we've found, it's true.

The statistics and your own survey will bear this out. Just look in your phone book under carpet dyers or carpet & rug dyers. Call them all to get an estimate on having a 10' x 10' area of your carpet dyed from a blue to a rose. They will either tell you it can't be done or they will price it so high that you will dismiss any further ideas about carpet dyeing as a viable alternative to buying new carpet. If they don't succeed in talking you out of having your carpet dyed while on the phone, they will try again when they come to your property. If they do agree to perform any dyeing service, it will be based on a very limited color selection, a very extensive disclaimer policy and no long term or substantial guarantee.

In fairness, it is not the carpet cleaner's fault that most carpet dyeing processes really aren't reliable. The real problem is that except for the new technology developed by Color Your Carpet® and a few individual old-time carpet dyers, successful on-site carpet dyeing doesn't work. The reason is simple, carpet cleaning is an unskilled labor business, it doesn't require any real academic credentials or even a formal technical education.

There are no accredited academic generic chemistry and physics courses that deal with this industry. Unfortunately, the socio-economic and educational level of the majority of the people who perform the work and even the owners of the individuals businesses is not conducive to participation in any college level training courses. Of course there are a few exceptions.

Most cleaning products are sold to carpet cleaners in the form of "goof-proof-ready-to-use" dilution ratios. Yes, there are exceptions to almost everything I've stated in this article. But it is a shame that there are very few exceptions in this age of super technology.

The only training available is usually conducted by chemical and equipment sales companies, under the self-serving umbrella of associations and organizations that allow them to have a bias toward their own products, not toward teaching the real chemistry of carpet cleaning.

The real dilemma is that some of these carpet cleaners, in an attempt to combat the over-saturated, highly competitive market pressures, add some form of add-on specialties like carpet dyeing. They are mistakenly led to believe that is a related service. This is like taking your car to a car wash to have it painted.

Carpet Dyeing as an Alternative

Only expertly trained carpet dyeing technicians can restore, protect and preserve the beauty, color and life of your carpet. Carpet dyeing can protect your carpet investment for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. Architecturally, carpet color schemes and carpeted floor covering budgets can confidently be planned, scheduled and projected more accurately. Carpet maintenance budgets can be dramatically reduced, air quality can be improved for your property. Your home or business image will be enhanced by your attractive indoor "curb appeal".

In conclusion, at Color Your Carpet® for more than 20 years and still ongoing our research shows that carpet owners everywhere can benefit from the published results of our findings. Education is the solution to any problem. Throughout our web site we provide articles pertaining to every facet of the carpet industry. 

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