Carpet Dyeing: Facts & Fantasy

Carpet Dyeing Facts

The Birth of Carpet Dyeing

Carpet dyeing has existed for thousands of years at the "manufacturing" level. Long before there were automated carpet mills, carpets were dyed by craftsmen proficient in the art. Today, only huge carpet mills dye carpets for distribution to carpet retail outlets. All carpet is dyed.

On-site dyeing is truly carpet "re-dyeing" or color restoration. On-site carpet dyeing and color restoration as a business is less than 10 years old with rare exception. It is one of the few services that has been created by consumer demand, not by industry or technical creation. Carpet retailers and the carpet industry certainly benefit more short term if consumers continue to buy new carpet.

The average carpet is guaranteed against wear for 10, 15 or 20 years! But carpets are replaced 70% of the time for reasons other than wear! Those same carpets will be in great "physical" shape when discarded, but the appearance (color, discoloration, stains, fading, traffic areas, etc.) is unacceptable and not covered by any guarantee or warranty (as anyone who has ever tried to file a claim or pursue any recourse against the carpet retailer or manufacturer or stain protectant company!

For the record, we advocate the purchase of high quality nylon (or wool carpet) only. If you do the cost analysis of the benefits of better quality carpet is actually costs far less annually to own and maintain than the cheaper carpet. Be sure to read our report on the famous Stainmaster ® and Scotchguard ® carpet processes as well as the other statistical reports of cost/benefit analysis.

Carpet Cleaners Attempt to Dye

Nearly every carpet cleaner has attempted to start a carpet dyeing business. These carpet cleaners quickly dismiss carpet dyeing as a sideline. They learn that accurate, fool-proof training and instruction are not available. Carpet cleaners buy powder dyes from companies that sell cleaning chemicals, but soon realize that the much needed technical information is not included.

A few large carpet cleaning franchise companies have tried to include a carpet dyeing package, as part of their franchise system, only to discard or drastically diminish the project soon after because of the complexities of carpet dyeing. While the educational background had allowed the franchisees to grasp basic carpet cleaning they could only achieve marginal success when dyeing carpet. Carpet cleaners often tell customers that carpet dyeing can't done when the truth is that the carpet cleaners can't do it - Color Your Carpet® can!

Dyeing is our only business!

Carpet Color

The color of the carpet includes consideration of the initial decor, the redecorating schedules and choices of color compatibility when redecorating time arrives. The color must be considered in relation to the intended use of the area, the size of the area and the expected lighting for the area. Color fashion trends will also play a part in the decorating scheme. Seven things affect the decision of the property manager or carpet owner:

  • 1.The original cost, age and quality of the existing carpet

  • 2.The replacement cost of comparable carpet

  • 3.The cost of cheaper replacement carpet versus carpet dyeing

  • 4.The downtime of the property to correct the problem

  • 5.The upkeep cost of the original carpet, the replacement carpet or the dyed carpet

  • 6.The probable results of tolerating existing carpet appearance, not replacing the carpet

  • 7.The probable results of dyeing the existing carpet

    The Carpet Dyeing Specialist

    A true entrepreneur must already have a higher degree of academic education, life experience and people skills. English language, mathematics and some form of chemistry or business experience are a plus to our system, but are not required.

    The most important characteristics of our ideal franchise candidate are a personal commitment to excel, a willingness to learn, a superior sense of fairness, and the ability to recognize the value of following a proven system. When your evaluate our system and find yourself sharing our vision to provide a rare and valuable service to property owners, then you are someone we want to encourage to take the next step toward owning a Color Your Carpet® franchise in your community.

    As a Color Your Carpet® carpet dyeing specialist we will provide you with all necessary academic and technical training. In addition, all components of managing and growing a great service business are presented to you as part of your total training program.

    After your academic, field and business training you are provided with ongoing technical support and sophisticated business strategy to assist you in marketing this wonderful service to residential and commercial property owners.

    During your training will learn from the experts all necessary color, carpet composition and dyeing services that will amaze your customers. .

    We teach you our advanced techniques of stain or unwanted color removal. As well, we train you in all aspects of equipment used in connection with our carpet dyeing services. You will be provided with all the results of our 20+ yeras of research.

    The result: You will immediately have a definite advantage before you open for business. You will have more information than any other carpet related person before presenting yourself as a carpet dyeing specialist. You cannot be fooled or mesmerized by any carpet retailer, cleaning chemical sales pitch or equipment salesperson.

    As a Color Your Carpet® franchisee, you may hire and train carpet dyeing technicians, but you must complete comprehensive training and apprenticeship before certification as a carpet dyeing technologist is issued. Our exclusive training program meets and exceeds IICRC or any other carpet related certification as pertains to our business.

    The Carpet Dyeing Industry

    There are about 200 (including part time) carpet dyers in America today. 100% of the full time carpet dyers are Color Your Carpet® franchisees and their technicians. The rest are part time dyers who are really carpet cleaners and whose actual business has a very limited portion (less than 5%) of their business that is carpet dyeing related. At least 95% of those self-fashioned dyers are carpet cleaners that have achieved marginal success in a limited fashion under ideal carpet conditions. Dyeing represents a tiny fraction of their annual revenue stream. At Color Your Carpet®, our ONLY business is Dyeing!

    The only on-site, full-time, 100% carpet dyeing and color restoration experts in the world all belong to the Color Your Carpet® franchise system. We are not carpet cleaners. We have not granted any franchise to any carpet cleaners. A carpet dyeing specialist must possess critical thinking skills, academic credentials and he must have an extensive knowledge of every facet of carpet. Carpet dyeing requires a higher educational aptitude than carpet cleaning services. Although your carpet should be cleaned properly on a regular schedule, (every 6 to 24 months depending on the carpet) improper cleaning or inadequate cleaning can actually harm the beauty and life of the carpet. Carpet dyeing can preserve, protect and extend the beauty, look and life of your carpet!

    Carpet Dyeing Differences

    In the commercial property world, as well as the residential home owner population, little is known of carpet dyeing. The limited information that does exist is based on past experiences of carpet owners or property managers who have had marginal success at best with carpet cleaners (who profess to provide carpet dyeing services). It is a serious mistake to categorize Color Your Carpet® with carpet cleaners or maintenance companies, even if those carpet cleaners who claim to be carpet dyers.

    Even the best carpet cleaners, including those who profess to provide dyeing services, cannot be compared to our unique carpet dyeing and color restoration expertise. The only competition to Color Your Carpet® is new carpet! Incredible as it may seem, more than one third of our business is derived from referrals given to our franchisees by the better carpet retailers and carpet cleaners!

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