Who uses our exclusive services and what are they?

Although our client base is predominantly upscale residential and commercial property owners, we serve all types of carpeted properties. We have performed our services for many small "starter" homes and small businesses or offices. We have a very large middle class clientele base, both residential and commercial properties.

And by virtue of reputation we have acquired the most discriminating and affluent property owners as clients in every market in which we operate. From luxurious mansions to prestigious country clubs to high profile commercial office buildings and Class A facilities including 5 Star hotels, (and the amazing 7 star properties in Dubai!) we are the preferred supplier for carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Our ONLY competition is new carpet!

Carpet cleaners & carpet retailers, (who were initially more skeptical than any customer), account for a large portion of our business in every market in which our franchisees operate. Architects, interior decorators, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers, property managers, corporate CFOs and notable business owners have been amazed at the results of our process and account for another large segment of our client list.

Residential & Commercial Property Owners Discover the Benefits of Our On-site Expert Carpet Dyeing Service. Be aware that there are a few companies that claim to provide dyeing services. Be assured that they are all carpet cleaners with minimal knowledge/training in the true art and science of re-dyeing. "They" can only do about 5% of what we can do in on-site dyeing services.

More importantly, our system consists of an entirely different technology. We simply do not have any competition. Some of the the statistics and substantiating facts are found on our Internet pages. The rest will be provided at your request. Suffice to say that "you wouldn't take your car to a car wash to have it painted".

Does not change original carpet color! Restores unevenly discolored carpet to one uniform color to match the original carpet color.

Restores missing colors in spots, usually caused by bleach, urine or harsh cleaning chemicals. Also for color missing from specific areas; UV fading, ozone fading, water mark & unsightly discolorations. Spot Dyeing for darker-than-original-carpet stains; caused by food & beverages, organic or inorganic staining substances.

Changes the color of your carpet to a new color. Provides a selection of more than 16 million custom colors, even if the desired color is outside of the existing color family (like Mauve to Teal, or Country Blue to Dusty Rose, or Beige to Hunter Green, or ugly, outdated colors to exciting new vibrant colors).

Deepens the existing color of your carpet.

Restores color to patterned or multi-colored carpets. (like for faded, water damaged, or discolored areas in solid or patterned carpet.)

Before and After Pictures:
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Hotel & Commercial properties

Premium annual treatment to keep the color of your carpet new. Deep cleaning with a tiny bit of dye that doesn't change the original color of your carpet. This color revive process brings lightly faded carpet back to the original color evenly.

Darkens or deepens existing color. Select from a slight shade to a deep shade of the original color.

Add a border or special color design, pattern, logo or accent to your carpet.

Removes stubborn stains or adds color to match your existing carpet color.

Why buy when you can dye?
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